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Formerly: St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Welcome to our Smokefree Hospitals

Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust operate a strict no smoking policy.

Our hospitals are smokefree, as are all Trust sites. Patients, visitors and staff are not permitted to smoke within our grounds.

Our aim is to promote a healthy environment for everyone in our hospitals. This includes patients, visitors and staff and includes buildings, vehicles, grounds and gardens. People seen smoking on Trust sites will be asked to stop.

Why we are providing smokefree environments to our patients

We want everyone who uses our services to be safe and to see our hospitals and community premises as places that promote good health and wellbeing.

To help achieve this we have made our grounds smokefree, so that patients, visitors and staff are not exposed to the harmful effects of second-hand cigarette smoke.

Advice for inpatient smokers

Our hospitals and grounds are smokefree environments, so whatever the reason for your stay, this could be the ideal opportunity to stop.

We know that giving up smoking is a personal choice, but is the most important thing you can do for your health and those around you.

We will respect your decision and support you to give up if you choose to. Ask a member of staff for help and advice.

Stopping smoking will help you to...

  • Reduce your risk of infection
  • Reduce your stay in hospital
  • Promote faster healing wounds and bone repair
  • Reduce problems relating to anaesthetics
  • Improve your overall health and reduce the risk of developing lung disease or certain cancers
  • Protect your family and friends from the adverse effects of second-hand smoke inhalation

Stopping smoking before admission is the best thing you can do to improve your health now and in the future

Many patients will have been offered advice and support to quit before their admission, but if your stay was not planned and you are smoking when you are admitted, the hospital staff are there to offer practical help and advice on staying smokefree while you are staying in hospital.

Staff can offer advice on the benefits of quitting and free stop smoking medicines, such as patches, gum and inhalers.

Why you should consider using nicotine therapies

Nicotine is present in all tobacco products and is highly addictive.

Withdrawal from smoking tobacco can cause some people to have strong cravings and discomfort and can make you feel anxious and restless.

Nicotine replacement therapy manages the cravings for nicotine and will help you to stay smokefree, even if you are not planning to quit in the long-term.

All inpatients using nicotine therapies during their stay should be offered further support at discharge if needed from the relevant Stop Smoking Support Service.

Outpatients and Visitors

Smoking on Trust premises, including buildings and grounds is strictly prohibited.

If you are visiting or an outpatient at any of our sites, please abide by the Trust’s Smokefree Policy.

All grounds, gardens, car parks and surrounding areas on Trust sites are non-smoking areas.

If you wish to smoke, please do so outside the site and be mindful of litter caused by discarded cigarette stubs. It takes 25 years for cigarette stubs to disintegrate.

You are more likely to quit for good with support

Thousands of smokers have already stopped smoking for good. Only 1 in 5 people still smoke in the North West.

If you are ready to Stop Smoking it has never been easier to access your local stop Smoking Services.

You can make a direct self referral online or speak directly to the teams using the links below:

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Smokefree Knowsley Logo

Visit or call 0151 426 7462

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St Helens Wellbeing Logo

Visit or call 01744 371 111

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Smokefree Sefton Logo

Visit or call 0300 100 1000

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Smokefree Lancashire Logo

Visit or call 0808 196 2638

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